Alexander Irving 

As a mindfulness trainer I work with groups and individuals to help them learn and apply mindfulness into the midst of their lives. For fifteen years I have immersed myself in the study and practice of mindfulness and in 2011 I founded Mindful Skills to offer Mindfulness courses in London. I have an MSc in Teaching Mindfulness with a certificate of teacher competence from Bangor University. I also adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses as laid out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers.

In parallel to my practice of mindfulness, since 2003 I have worked as an osteopath, helping people with pain, stress and illness. Wanting to know more about pain and stress, in 2010 I completed a Master’s degree in Pain; Science and Society, at King’s College London. From this understanding I knew that mindfulness practice, especially in the forms of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, was something I wanted to engage in and share with others. This led me to the mindfulness teacher training program at Bangor University.

In learning how to bring balance and care into my own life, and in training others to do the same, I continue to be inspired by the capacity that we all have for being well, even in the midst of stress and difficulty.

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