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As a skill mindfulness combines several elements to help us engage creatively with whatever we are facing.  Over the course of weeks and months you will be able to improve your capacity to be present in the midst of challenging conditions, meeting them with increasing levels of clarity and balance. 

Our one to one training program is based on courses developed at the Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice, Bangor University and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Learning mindfulness one to one allows us to adapt these traditional formats to suit your specific needs and interests.

Each course is delivered via Skype over nine, sixty minute sessions. An initial introductory session allows us to explore what mindfulness is and what you wish to get out of the training. Following that we use the framework of an eight session mindfulness course to guide the learning experience. In addition to the coaching session, participants commit to a daily home practice of thirty to forty minutes, six days per week for the duration of the course. This commitment offers the best chance of learning the skills required to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

The mindfulness training course is a very practical introduction to mindfulness with periods in each session dedicated to practicing mindfulness. At other times participants are invited to give feedback about practicing mindfulness, both in the session itself and at home. Each session also explores different themes via teaching and discussion. 

Following the course participants report that they:

• have an improved ability to manage stress

• have an enhanced capacity to handle difficult emotions

• are better able to relax and concentrate

• have a greater sense of balance and ease

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