Mindfulness. Work well

Mindfulness, the capacity to bring focus, clarity and balance to each moment, is as relevant in our working lives as in any other domain. As a skill mindfulness supports emotional intelligence and clear communication, helping to build the effective relationships that are an essential part of any organisation or business.

Like any other skill, this take practice, but it also builds on natural capacities that we already have; such as attention, curiosity, empathy and goodwill. With a solid foundation in science and research, Mindfulness is a practical tool for reducing stress, promoting resilience and learning to work well together.

I provide a number of mindfulness training options in and around London, from taster sessions to workshops and courses such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). We are also happy to discuss bespoke trainings to meet your particular needs. These can happen at your office or at a range of comfortable and accessible venues around London.

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