Mindful Skills Workshops

Mindful Skills Workshops are a series workshops exploring different aspects of mindfulness training in the workplace.

Designed to run sequentially, these workshops can be booked as a series or one at a time.

Workshop 1. Introducing Mindfulness 

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of mindfulness, what it is, how it works, and how to practice it.


What is mindfulness? Understanding what mindfulness is (and what it’s not).

Attention matters – The role of attention in stress and well-being.

Mindfulness of thinking – The antidote to rumination and self-criticism.

How to practice mindfulness – Introducing formal mindfulness practice

Workshop 2. Finding Focus

In this workshop you will learn how to bring a full and engaged attention to whatever you are doing.


Awareness in action – Bringing mindful awareness into your life.

Mindfulness at work – Working with distraction and multi-tasking.

Just one thing – The power and pleasure of single tasking.

Steadying the mind – Refining formal mindfulness practice.

Workshop 3. Cultivating Resilience

This workshop explores how to meet challenging emotions such as fear and anger without being overwhelmed.


Mindful resilience – Balancing strength and flexibility.

Working with difficulty – How to meet challenges with skill and care.

Responding to stress – How compassion helps.

Mindfulness of emotions – Opening to feeling without being overwhelmed.

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