Mindfulness Courses. Live well


With  roots in contemplative traditions, for the past 35 years mindfulness has been offered within a framework of western psychology and science. Originally introduced into healthcare, mindfulness has also been applied to education, elite performance, and workplace settings to reduce stress, increase focus and enhance compassion.

As a form of training, mindfulness involves learning to pay attention to our bodies and minds with steadiness, clarity and balance. By learning to be aware and awake to each moment, we can begin to untangle the patterns of stress and confusion that we all encounter, improving our ability to engage creatively with what we are experiencing.

Many of us live on auto-pilot, only half aware of what we are doing and experiencing in each moment. This means that we can easily get triggered into stress, anxiety and low mood without knowing why or what we can do about it. Mindfulness offers a way of responding to life, so that rather than being constantly pushed and pulled by what we encounter, we can find ways of meeting our experiences and our lives with more balance and ease.

Mindfulness has traditionally been offered in clinical contexts in the forms of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). At Mindful Skills I offer these traditional courses alongside courses that have been adapted for those living busy lives.


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